Educational Program

Aims to improve the educational institutions infrastructure through building and renovating and equipping these institutions and provision financial aid and educational materials to vulnerable valedictorian student, such as
Developing educational sector:
Human Appeal International is an Islamic Arab foundation that offers students in schools and universities scholarships focusing on marginalized social sectors. Further, HAI has long experience in establishing and renovating schools, universities and kindergartens. HAI intends to establish a comprehensive and completely integrated educational system that protects and strengthens the Islamic national Palestinian loyalty. Signing a memorandum of understanding with the Palestinian Ministry of Education and Higher Education, HAI meant to develop the educational system in Palestine facing challenges and endangers in a way that contributes in reviving the Palestinian education. To guarantee this qualitative leap, poor students living on marginalized Palestinian communities will be supported with suitable academic educational and vocational training. Undoubtedly, this plan requires a sufficient donation to come true.

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