Health Program

Aims to improve the health infrastructure of governmental and non-governmental centers through building, renovating and equipping hospitals and health centers, and provision financial aid and medical equipments, medications, and necessary requirements for vulnerable patients, Such as
Developing Al-Makassed Islamic Charitable Society Hospital-Jerusalem

In an attempt to develop one of Jerusalem’s most prominent features, HAI planned to execute a series of programs and projects in this hospital. In fact, HAI focused on this hospital because it is a vain of life for more than hundreds of thousands of Palestinians to be treated through the Palestinian health insurance coverage visiting Jerusalem from the West Bank and Gaza Strip. Al-Makassed Hospital receives more than 100 patients monthly with their companies. The complicated heath condition of those patients compels them to stay there more than one week along with their company. The majority of them encounter many difficulties in going back and forth to the hospital through the Israeli barriers especially that their permits normally expire in evening hours. This forces the patients’ company to sleep in the hospital’s corridors in a horrible scene. Hence, HAI has undertaken the initiative to supply Al-Makassed with three caravans that would supply a sufficient room for sleeping and personal rest. Each caravan accommodates 54 companions monthly. In fact, the good effects of this initiative have been reflected on the patients themselves because there rooms are no longer crowded with the companions. To conclude, HAI provided the patients’ company with a separate place for rest especially that the Israeli permits are hardly attained; in addition to enhancing the role of the Palestinian health foundations in Jerusalem. On the other hand, Palestinian patients also are secured good quality health services.

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