Releif Program

Aims to assist and support those affected by disasters and calamities, through providing families with food parcels, shelter protection, households' basic needs, building and renovation homes, and annually implemented Ramadan meals to feed the poor prayers during Ramadan, Such as
“Warm Winter” campaign:
HAI has launched a campaign titled “Warm Winter” in Palestine as a part of a series of humanitarian projects to be executed during the season. This campaign offers urgent relief for Palestinian families that has poor tools to encounter bitter winter (including blankets, mattresses, stoves, warm clothes, food besides cash assistance). HAI has cooperated with OCHA and the Palestinian civil defense to anticipate endangered places and families during bad weather conditions. So, HAI teams will be ready to provide urgent relief especially in Jordan valley and Bedouins’ areas. The campaign provided cash assistance and in-kind support as well as equipment for the Palestinian civil defense to encounter the upcoming cold winter. In fact, the campaign organizers worked on three main aspects: the first is through direct contact with poor families to be supplied with in-kind support, the second is manifested in addressing housing centers that are the only resort for the elderly, the disabled and the orphans. In the third direction, the campaign provided various realizations of aid in the marginalized Bedouin community who are deprived from civil life basics and live in tents and tin-shacks.

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