Socio-economic program

Aims to improve the socio-economic conditions of vulnerable groups especially, women , children, poor families and farmers, through: establishing microfinance projects such as: kitchens charity , sewing factories , thyme plant , local soap , and honey production units , digging wells for agricultural use, open and rehabilitation agriculture roads ; capacity building of social institutions and residential centers; provision poor families with furniture, renovation of their building, and building and renovation mosques, Such as
Agricultural land reclamation:
HAI pays special attention to the agricultural sector in Palestine. Thus, it has launched a project of reclamating Palestinian lands for agriculture. Further, HAI supported drilling wells and almond seedlings. The project that cost 35 thousand AED was meant to encourage farmers to take care of their lands especially where agricultural lands were abandoned. The goal of this project is to empower farmers through facilitating access to their farms in a way that is notably reflected in empowering addressed families to achieve self-sufficiency. This is a plan that encounters the apartheid wall on one hand and poverty and unemployment on the other. Not only that but this plan has also supplied many houses with water following drilling wells and expanded the green area besides creating job opportunities. It is also worth noting that this plan has enhanced women role in agriculture work.

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